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About Spurhel GLC

Spurhel is a Design Software for spur and helical gear design, the first of its kind developed in India.

Spurhel has a very user friendly interface where the gear designer is guided to input the required values. When the calculations are done, the designer gets output reports. The Gear Designer can easily see the impact of an input parameter on dimensions and on the load capacity as the input and output details are on one form. This helps in optimizing the gear design and facilitates the trying out of various alternatives for a design.

Spurhel has been Developed by Gear Consultancy, India.

Salient Features

An idegeneously developed software
The first of its kind in India
Time spent on lengthy, time consuming calculations in gear design eliminated
Gives designers time to spend on creative design
User friendly interface
Does Geometric Calculations
Does Load Calculations
Designer gets following individual reports:
  1. Gear Dimensional Report
  2. Gear Tooth Thickness Report
  3. Gear Load Capacity Report
  4. Report giving the values of various parameters used for calculating gear load capacity.
Can calculate load capacity under pitting and bending as per AGMA 2001 B88 Standard and ISO 6336 Standard.

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